Community Event At Schurr High School


It takes a team and some TLC to complete a project. Saturday October 12 at 9 am sharp was the beginning of a transformation for Schurr High School in Montebello, CA.  Schurr HS was in need of a painting make-over. With support from Timberland , Power 106, RWF Employees and Schurr High School students we were able to revitalize this 42 year old school with some paint and helping hands. 


Our day started with a bucket of paint, rollers and blue tape to set off the transformation of Schurr High School. Four key locations on campus that needed our attention: the press box, outdoor theater, gazebo and court yard. Our group of 45 volunteers were divided and assigned to each location and given 5 hours to finish all four projects. 

This is the press box that needed a bit of sprucing up with white paint. We know how important those Friday night football games are. 


An outdoor theater to hold those rallies or Shakespeare-inspired performances, but before the big extravaganza could go on these seats and stairs needed a paint job.

A gazebo to hold fundraisers for clubs on campus and shade from that California sun. This gazebo had multiple colors of paint from yellow, green, white, and off white that all needed retouching. 

This courtyard from afar might have looked pretty but when sitting on it or up close it needed paint to tie in the Spartan spirit.

A time of giving back to our community but also working together and sharing moments that highlighted the day. Whether we were rocking to the beats of Power 106, satisfying our hunger with pizza or putting in work, it was a Saturday of endless giving and a school full of smiles.