Lacoste L!ve Desert Pool Party


A weekend of music festivities was what our April calendar was all about, but there was one place we had to be during our Coachella weekend: the Lacoste L!ve Desert Pool Party. We couldn’t pass up on electrifying fashion, fresh beats and a sneak peak of Lacoste L!ve summer wear. This was a throw down to remember.

Line Outside the Party.jpg

The line that overtook Jefferson Street. We promise it was worth the wait. 

Front of the House.jpg

No worries, these crocs were under control!

Some of our favorite celebs Blanda Eggenshwiler and Brad Goreski showing off their favorite Lacoste shoes. Hey Brad, where’s your bow-tie?  Jax Taylor revealing his pick for summer days and Leandra Medine, blogger from Man Repellar, showing us how to add some pop into this party.

A pool party without the groovy moves and sound isn't right, "DUH."

We can't forget the treats at this party, from mouth-watering ice cream bars to refreshing shaved ice, just pick your flavor!  And you know we’d never skip on tacos. Thanks to the bartenders for quenching our thirst in the desert heat.

The gals at Cult Caia made us floral crowns that we just had to have to end our floral craze. 

Fun-filled activities, don't mind if we do! From a little shopping with the Lacoste L!ve summer collection, to a quick mani-pedi to spruce up our nails. The bocce ball required real muscles. We had to pass this game up, didn't want to ruin the fresh mani. Moving on to a game of golf, but the twist here was the friendly croc snapping at all the golf balls. The highlight of our day was shooting paintballs at the world’s largest polo art installation, the ‘Polo Gigante’. And by the way, happy 80th anniversary to the Lacoste Polo!

Pool 2.jpg

The countdown to this desert pool party was well worth the wait, from the groovy beats to the icy cool treats, stunning styles and celeb sightings, this desert oasis was a blast! We can’t wait until Lacoste’s L!ve Desert Pool Party 2014!