Behind the Scenes: Back To School Style Guide


What does it really take to make a style guide come together? Take a peek for yourself. To make it legit we had to get everything from permits for the location to insurance for production crew and equipment in order. From photographing in almost 100 degree weather to keeping up energy high, it was a day of bringing a vision to life.

The day began at 8am for our production crew with unloading props and equipment. The wardrobe/make-up trailer was dropped off at the school and as the clock struck 9am our models, stylist Shiffy Kagan and makeup artist Tania Russell arrived. Stylist Shiffy and her assistant Niko began prepping and organizing the 35 shoe styles and over 100 pieces of wardrobe. Tania and her assistant Kimberly set up their tools and immediately got to work prepping the first models to be RWF high school ready. Meanwhile the production crew worked on setting up lighting and equipment throughout the school. When the first models were camera-ready, it was finally go time!

As the sun began to set, the madness slowly subsided around 7pm and our stylists, make-up artists and models called it a day.

Want to see the results? Take a look at the final Back To School Style Guide

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