4 Labor Day Weekend Activity Outfits

by Denitza Leon in

Summer fun doesn’t have to be over just yet. Labor Day weekend is days away and what better way to close summer off then having a whole three day weekend to escape to your happy place?


1. Barbecue Festivity:  Hanging out with fam or heading to a friend’s place? Play up your pattern craze with a short sleeve button up over a pair of solid khaki shorts. Add a pop of color with a pair of Lacoste Glendon sneakers to top off your festive look.   

2. River Get-Away: Looking to bronze a little while treading in the cool water? Let your tribal board shorts be your best friend all weekend and go basic with a tank in mustard yellow. Don't forget those Reef Draftsmen sandals to keep your feet from scorching on the hot floor.

3. Heading To The Beach: Whether walking down the pier or having a cold drink on the boat, keep your nautical attire simple but fun with a royal blue stripe t-shirt to enjoy the ocean breeze. Who says guys can't have fun with color? Add a splash of coral to the mix with your shorts and a pair of Sperry Top-Sider in Authentic Classic Brown to help keep your feet steady on the slippery deck.  

4. Sports Day: Lounging in the man cave while watching your favorite team on the big screen or meeting with the guys for a game of b-ball? Add those easy-to-throw-on basketball shorts to a basic white v-neck and the AR 3.0 Adidas for the perfect combination. 

What are you Labor Day weekend activities? Let us know in the comments below.