Trend Spotlight: Tartan & Plaid

Reminiscing over your childhood days where you had to wear that tartan and plaid uniform was such a pain, well now it’s time to bring them back. Oh and I promise this time it won't be such a drag. This season tartan and plaid are back and ready for you to add your own mix of style inspiration, there are no strict rules on this tartan and plaid trend.


Good Girl Prep: Mix up that preppy girl look with a pair of  Dr. Martens Stratford  in Cherry Red. These Dr. Martens have a secret…okay we’ll spill: tartan on the inside! Mix it up with your favorite wardrobe pieces whether it be your favorite heart purse or those knee-high socks to finish your good girl prep look. 

Rebel Girl Prep: Grunge is always ready for rebellious fun. Say goodbye to that neatly prepped uniform look because you’re breaking the rules with this tartan and plaid rebel look. Add a new flare to this tartan dress with a pair of T.U.K. Creepers  with its touch of plaid. We can't forget that biker jacket to finish of this head-to-toe tartan and plaid look. Muah to this rule-breaker look!

If you're asking yourself what's the difference between tartan & plaid? Don't worry, here is a brief tartan and plaid 101.

Tartan is cloth, typically wool, woven into a pattern of vertical and horizontal bands in multiple colors. Tartan is especially associated with Scotland. In the United States tartan patterns are known as ‘plaid’. Although in Scotland, a ‘plaid’ refers to the band of cloth worn around the arm, or a simple blanket with a tartan pattern. Tartan and plaid have become interchangeable over time but let's not classify them as one design. So what's the difference? Tartan is a geometric design, while plaid has overlapping squares in its geometric design. 

Now that you had tartan and plaid 101 and style inspiration, how will you style your tartan and plaid look?