Trend Spotlight: Pantone's Colors Of The Year


Get creative with color this year. Tired of the same colors in your wardrobe? No worries, we have a few colors on our list that we are looking forward to setting trends with this year. This year's latest report from Pantone's Colors for 2014 consists of blooming soft pastels and a mixture of striking bolds.  See how each color can convey moods in your style this year. 


Each color represents a feeling or mood that can add to your style expression. Pantone describes what each color represents:

  • Violet Tulip: Brings a sense of romance to your style with wistful nostalgia.  
  • Hemlock: An ornamental green that can be added as an accent.
  • Paloma: Meaning 'dove', it gives off a softness and provides comfort.
  • Cayenne: A dash of spice to your look.
  • Celosia Orange: A spontaneous vibe with a touch of sophistication.
  • Radiant Orchard: Bold but luminous.
  • Dazzling Blue: Exciting and electrifying when worn.