Vans Collaboration With Della

Vans has joined hands with Della to create an exclusive collection of Vans Authentic and Era styles with batik fabric art. Della’s mission is to be a business done right while doing ‘right’. The Los Angeles based company works with a team of over 50 women and men in Ghana, West Africa.

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Della founder and head designer, Tina Tangalakis, has combined her love of fashion and social responsibility to build a business that changes the way people shop. Tina’s vision for Della utilizes Ghanaian craftsmanship to create a line that is relevant to fashion. With the joined hands of Vans and Della, every product purchased helps by providing jobs, skill training, weekly literacy classes, money management workshops, national social security and national healthcare benefits for Della’s Ghanaian employees.  

Photo Credit: Vans Off The Wall. TV

The uniqueness of this collaboration is the special craftsmanship each product from this line carries. The technique, called ‘batik’, is a method of fabric dyeing that uses wax as a dye-repellent to create the design. Batik is an ancient technique that has been passed down from one generation to the next. Batik makers take pride in their art. Della employees create the pattern design using foam to hand-print the fabric.  The next step is to dip the fabric through the hot wax and then de-wax the fabric with boiling water. The fabric is then left to dry in the outdoor breeze from the tropical lush lands of Ghana.

Each shoe from the limited edition Vans X Della spring collection features colorful Della fabrics and is available online. 

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