How To Wear: Timberland 14 inch Boot Wheat

At first glance the Timberland 14 inch Boot Wheat looks like a style challenge. But the tall version of the classic 6 inch Timberland is more versatile than it appears. Here are five ways to bring out the best of this exclusive lace-up boot.

photo:    1. Plaid


1. Plaid

photo:    2. Oversized Gold Jewelry


2. Oversized Gold Jewelry

1. Plaid:

Tops, bottoms or accessories - any way you choose to pop the classic pattern, you win.

2. Over-sized Gold Jewelry:

A little hip-hop inspiration brings out Timberland's style roots. Over-sized bracelets, hoop earrings or watches will add to your early '90s street style cred. 


3. Parka

photo:    4. Beanie


4. Beanie

3. Parka:

Parkas aren't strictly for practical purposes anymore. This hooded classic is casual, but never lazy-looking. A roomy parka can balance out form-fitting pieces like leggings.

4. Beanie:

This little item can bring out the street style you didn't know you had. Folded or slouchy, beanies are an easy cool weather trend.

5. Denim:

If you're still lost, you can never go wrong with red lips, a white tee and denim like Texas fashion blogger Mayte D..

photo:    5. Denim


5. Denim

Did we miss any pieces? Tell us how you would wear the Timberland 14 inch boot with a comment below.