Style Tips: Chuck Taylor Goes to the Prom

Your last year of high school is full of special memories and everyone gets excited for THE PROM! 'The Perfect Prom Checklist’ below will help you prepare for your once in a lifetime evening of enchantment. Check out these styling ideas for you and your date:

Her Style: Steal the spotlight with your adorable style in simply sophisticated colors like silver and deep burgundy. Accessorize with sparkly jewelry and your look is almost complete. For a twist on the picture perfect prom look swap out your heels for some shoes you can dance in – like Chuck Taylors in Burgundy! Your date might want in on this playful look.

His Style: Strike a pose and have fun, handsome, because you’re going to charm your date with this classy look. Opt away from the expected black tux and try a grey suit, white dress shirt and a bow tie that complements your date’s dress. Every cool guy knows to carry a pair of sunglasses to shield his eyes from the camera flashes. Your prom look does not have to be a one-time deal if you go for Chuck Taylor sneakers instead of traditional dress shoes since you wear them with your day clothes after the event.

Who ever said fancy heels or dress shoes are a must for prom? You and your date can match in color and sneaker style. Pair up with Chuck Taylor and enjoy your night in comfort and style. Your and your date will be the unofficial Prom King and Queen of your night.