Transition Into Fall With SeaVees


Fall is here and soon we will be reintroducing warm layers of clothing and fall favorites back into our wardrobe. For those of you who get tired of the prim and pressed look,  SeaVees can help transition your summer style into fall.

SeaVees was born in 1964, when casual was the new cool. Today SeaVees continues to embrace the casual cool vibe. SeaVees has taken on casual fall style by complimenting the fall colors of the season helping to make your style effortlessly cool.

There is an authentic story behind every SeaVees style. Being seekers of adventure and individuality SeaVees has embraced the freedom, culture and history of the California lifestyle. Every SeaVees style name references a significant cultural date in California  during the 1960s.

08/63 Hermosa Plimsoll Standard

08/63 Hermosa Plimsoll Standard

The 08/63 Hermos Plimsoll Standard celebrates the first California Skateboard contest. Set in the parking lot of Hermosa Beach Junior High School.

02/64 Baja Slip On Standard

02/64 Baja Slip On Standard

The 02/64 Baja Slip On Standard remembers the surfers who wanted avoid crowds & catch the perfect wave down in Baja California, Mexico. 

Fall is all about the wool coats, the right type of denim and the perfect pair of sneakers that will make your look a lasting one. Blogger Uniform Journal has it down with layers over a basic white tee, a light olive button-down, minimal accessories, a pinched roll on his denim and the classic 05/65 Westwood Tennis to finish it off. 

SeaVees can be found here or your local RW. Let us know how you will be incorporating your SeaVees into your casual fall days with a comment below!

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