adidas Superstar Originals: 45th Anniversary Relaunch

When we heard adidas was releasing the classic "shelltoe" in an updated version it immediately took us back to the days of bucket hats and track suits. 2015 is the 45th anniversary of the iconic sneaker. In commemoration the shelltoe is getting a subtly sleeker update and a worldwide campaign featuring artists Pharrell and Rita Ora and athletes David Beckham and Damian Lillard. From b-boy to sneakerhead the excitement over the return of the Superstar will have everyone singing "My adidas.”

The Superstar became a part of cultural history when groundbreaking 80s hip-hop group RUN-DMC sported them religiously. RUN-DMC recorded a song about their favorite shoe called "My adidas" in 1986. As RUN-DMC became music superstars, the adidas Superstar became must-have street style for young fans. No hip-hop look was complete without a fresh pair. Fat laces laced up or no laces and tongue out, the adidas Superstar became a style icon.



The contemporary update debuts a smoother shell toe texture and fresh gold branding details. 'Superstar' in printed in gold on the lateral panel and the tongue has a black and gold accented trefoil - so desirable.

adidas die-hards get ready to hashtag your most original Shellfies for our upcoming Instagram contest. Winners get a pair of the new gold-accented adidas Superstar and a regram! Details to be announced.