Behind The Scenes with Power 106 & Krystal Bee

Introducing Krystal Bee, one of the bubbly co-hosts on The Cruz Show on Power 106 in Los Angeles. We had the pleasure of getting her insider opinion on music, fashion and what it's like to be in the radio biz. In the midst of getting camera ready for the Timberland video shoot, Krystal Bee keeps up with social media and banters with co-host Jeff Garcia all while sharing her take on hip hop culture. What gets Krystal buzzing? Find out in the interview below!

RW: What footwear brands do you find yourself wearing most often?

KB: I have a nice collection of Timberlands.

RW: What's currently on your workout playlist?

KB: I love Chris Brown, Tinashe and the A$AP Rocky album.

RW: Have any artists impressed you with their style when they've come into the studio?

KB: Tinashe is impressive because she is girly but tomboyish and she never wears heels. She always wears sneakers but she makes it look sexy.

RW: Which artists do you think are changing hip hop now?

KB: Definitely Kendrick Lamar. Not just in Los Angeles but everywhere. I think he's giving hip hop depth again. It's not just about bottle poppin', models and cars. I think his music is about real life situations. He raps about stuff he's personally gone through and he's from around here just like I am. He grew up without a lot of money. I feel that a majority of people can relate to that. 

RW: Which artists do you think have the strongest influence on fashion right now?

KB: I would have to say A$AP Rocky. He just dropped a new album, he has a movie coming out in a few weeks and he's a fashion model too. 

RW: How was your very first day working at Power106?

KB: My first day interning I couldn't believe I was interning at a radio station because I knew I wanted to go into radio for a long time. It was just crazy. You definitely have a preconception that working at a radio station means there's going to be famous people there all the time but it's not true. I was a nineteen year old intern and I would wonder when is Eminem going to walk down the hall, when is Jay-Z going to be here? I was working in the Sales Department so I never saw any of the show guests. I was with files and the sales clients, but just being at Power was still so exciting. I thought ok, I made it. I made it in the sense that I'm doing what I always wanted to do. 

RW: How did you transition from intern to being on air?

KB: The transition was about a year and a half. After I was a Sales Intern I didn't want to leave so they extended my internship into the Promotions Department where I had a little more leverage to go to concerts and cool events and be backstage. At the time flip cams were in so I bought a flip cam and as people walked by I was interviewing them on my own and uploading it to my personal YouTube page. I then auditioned to be on the Flava Unit Street Team which means you're at events passing out flyers. But I was still adding to my YouTube page and taking my flip cam wherever I went. One of the head bosses at Power saw the interviews and I was invited to come into the morning show to talk about The Jersey Shore. I had never been in the studio or on a microphone in my life. I was so nervous. I remember watching The Jersey Shore the night before with a pen and notepad. It was ridiculous! After that first time, I was asked to come in every week and talk about the Jersey Shore. That led to me coming in twice a week, to every other day to being on air every day.

It's a wrap at Robert Wayne Footwear Del Amo Fashion Center in Carson, California.

RW: What is the most memorable experience you've had while working at Power?

KB: One of the most memorable Power experiences would have be the first time I presented an artist on stage at one of our concerts. It was amazing because I grew up listening to Power. It was a big concert and I got to announce J. Cole. It was awesome and so different from being in the studio. Being on stage and presenting someone in front of all your listeners was just crazy. I'm a big J. Cole fan so presenting him at a sold out concert was amazing!

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