Discover Parkland: Urban Escape

Where in the world is Alma G.? She's in Downtown Los Angeles discovering the Flower Mart with her Parkland Vintage pack. Take a minute to smell the sunflowers with us in this Q&A about her favorite places close to home and a few memorable moments from her travels across the world. 

Q: Why do you enjoy going to the LA Flower Mart? 

Alma: For my sweet sniffing needs!

Q: If you could take only five things in your Parkland backpack, aside from bare essentials, what would they be?

Alma: Books, music, small notebook, postcards and stamps, and a scarf.

Q: In all your travels, what has been your favorite urban escape?

Alma: Oaxaca City in Mexico. So culturally rich, so amazingly delicious.

Q: What has been your favorite nature escape?

Alma: Hiking and sitting atop Huayna Picchu in Peru. Up in the clouds, I was gifted the most spectacular view of Machu Picchu. This view is etched in my brain and the memory still gives me chills. I am forever grateful for that moment.

Q: What's your favorite "escape" in Los Angeles?

Alma: Southeast LA, always and forever. I grew up in this area and going home takes me back to the sights, scents and sounds of my hometown.

Q: What inspires you when you're planning your travels?

Alma: I usually trust my friends and their traveling experiences. I'm lucky to have great friends with big hearts and adventurous souls. 

Q: Where are you going next?

Alma: I'll be traveling to Chile in the spring.

Parkland fan Alma G. took her Seaside Vintage to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and came back with the beautiful pics below. 

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