The Puma Suede: Monochrome Madness

The iconic Puma Suede is updated in one hue from toe to sole with the Embossed Iced pack. 

First introduced in 1968 as a trainer, the Puma Suede broke tradition even then as one of the first non-leather training shoes. It made an appearance at the 1968 Olympics and over the next two decades went from sportswear to streetwear when hip-hop culture embraced it in the 80s. Forever classic, anything but basic. How would you style the monochrome Suede?

High Risk Red

Our style dedication to the Puma Suede was inspired by its origins as sportswear that became streetwear. A cap, button-up and leggings in black, white and grey let the High Risk Red Puma Suede bring all the heat for this look.


Keeping in line with the sportswear turned streetwear theme, a skirt, crop top and cap in white and grey bring out the best of this black monochrome Suede

Atomic Blue

A monochrome outfit paired with a monochrome shoe. All white brings out the bright in in the vibrant Atomic Blue.

Almost fifty years and it's still going strong. Which Puma Suede would you choose?

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