Music Festival Style: All About The Shoes

It’s festival season, let the beats drop and the dancing till dawn begin. Wondering what shoes you should be letting loose in all weekend? No worries, our Robert Wayne shoe style experts have you covered on the Timberland, Puma and Dr. Martens you'll want to wear while hitting your favorite sets.

Brad Prescott, Robert Wayne Employee

What shoe styles do you think will be spotted at festivals this year?

BP: I think there will be a lot of different styles this year. I can see lots of boots, sandals or moccasins happening. 

Any tips on how to style a Monochromatic Timberland?

BP: I feel like a lot of people wear them differently. However my idea for them would be ripped jeans, maybe some layers, baggy shirts.

One music set you would not miss? Why?

BP: Ellie Goulding, Sia and Calvin Harris are on the lineup this year and I'm really excited about that. I'm with the whole mainstream music crowd. I've wanted to see Ellie and Sia, so I would die if I got the chance to see them. Also, I think Calvin Harris could blow the roof off the place. 


Tolianna Tuitasi, Robert Wayne Employee

What do you look for when shopping for your festival style pieces?

TT: When looking for festival pieces I always look for anything that definitely stands out whether that be a light color, or different prints but I also like to keep it really simple and still cute.

Any tips on what people should avoid wearing?

TT: No, I don't think any festival trends are overrated. All festivals have a certain style that everyone pretty much sticks to and I think everyone expresses themselves through their outfits. So if it works for them by all means!

How Fierce do you feel when you wear your Puma?

TT: Like Beyoncé, SASHA FIERCE!

David Castillo, Robert Wayne Employee

If you could pick one music festival to attend which one would it be?

DC: If I could pick one music festival to attend I would definitely go with Coachella. I would do the whole three days two nights camping. 

Do you think it's easier to plan your festival outfit around the shoes?

DC: For me it always starts with the shoes, if you're excited about the shoes then your whole outfit is fun to plan.

Will your Dr. Martens be your go to dancing shoes?

DC: For sure! They're comfortable and they'll look even better muddy.