Dr. Martens Festival Style with Karina

Music festival season is finally falling into rhythm for 2016. Expressive fashion and live music just vibe together for some reason and style blogger Karina of TheLovelyLook.com lets loose in her Dr. Martens Chelsea boots. Read on for her Q & A below.

Denim Dream

What was your inspiration for the denim look?

Karina: My inspiration was being comfortable while still wearing something edgy. I liked being able to pile on extra accessories. I love the denim romper because it's comfortable and it has shorts, but you can leave it open and show off a little bralette and your accessories and it's much more than just plain denim. 

Where did you get the pieces for this outfit?

Karina: I got the romper and the boot chains in the second outfit from Forever21, the necklace from Love Culture, the sunglasses were a gift and the leather backpack was thrifted! 

Velvet & Suede

What was your inspiration for the velvet and suede outfit?

Karina: The focus is on the fringe. I really liked the movement and it's really eye-catching. This look is also more revealing and more feminine. This is the more bohemian look which I love. I also liked the idea of mixing two different materials - velvet and suede. 

What's your favorite part about festival styling?

Karina: It allows you to be a lot more creative and although it would be a little crazy for everyday, it's appropriate for festivals. You probably wouldn't wear an outfit like this any other time but it's ok to pack on the accessories and it doesn't look crazy, it just looks cute. 

What did you think of the Dr. Martens Chelsea boot?

Karina: I love them which is why I picked them! Now that I've worn them more than once I feel comfortable with them. They're durable and comfy and it won't hurt when people step on you which is going to happen at festivals. They're not too heavy at all, you'll be comfortable and be able to be on your feet all day. I like the simplicity of this boot and although I thought they would be too big at first, they work really well! 

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A special thanks to guest photographer Maddi Martinez of @madfaithphotography!