How To Wear: adidas Gazelle For Women

For the ladies who've been wondering how to wear the adidas Gazelle, style blogger Genesis Aguilar steps in with a few ideas for inspiration. The Love And Styles fashion blogger strikes a pose and the balance between comfy and stylish with three outfits that pair perfectly with the adidas Gazelle. Take a look!

Look 1: Hoodie & Leggings

Proof you can leave the house in a hoodie without looking lazy. Style blogger Genesis said this is her usual look for everyday wear. If one can be carefree without looking careless, the outfit is a winner. Also, bonus points for wearing her adidas leggings with her adidas Gazelles proud!

Look 2: Hoodie Dress

Keeping with the comfy casual theme, Genesis found the most perfect dress to pair with her adidas Gazelles. Can a hoodie be a little dressy? Can we wear adidas sneakers with a dress? Yes and yes! 

Look 3: Bell Sleeves & Velvet Skirt

Pairing sneakers with the unexpected leads to the most unique outfits. The delicate sheer bell sleeves and velvet skirt look would be easy to pair with sandals or heels, but if you want to wear it all day slip on the sneakers instead. We're not saying the adidas Gazelle are the most versatile sneaker but they can kind of do anything.

How do you wear your adidas Gazelles? Follow us @robertwaynefootwear for more sneeakers and Genesis @segagenesis_ for more of her stylish looks.