5 Ways To Wear the Fila Disruptor 2

The FILA Disruptor 2’s bold profile and giant proportions cannot be ignored: part chunky “dad shoe,” part high-fashion. The FILA Disruptor 2’s appeal is based on its massive proportions and the question is not should one wear it, but how to wear the FILA Disruptor 2? We found several ladies providing answers for inquiring wardrobes.

90s Style

Somehow glamorous and sporty at the same time, French blogger Rosa Pel’s look combines the contrasts to mirror the FILA Disruptor 2’s casual, yet dramatic vibes.

PC: rosapelsblog.com by Mélanie Matau

PC:  rosapelsblog.com  by Mélanie Matau

PC: rosapelsblog.com by Mélanie Matau

Polished Style

Iria’s take on the chunky white FILA sneaker elevates her casual and polished chilly weather look.

Playful Style

The FILA Disruptor 2 adds a pop of pink to this crop top and jeans look from beauty blogger Miranda Mendelson.

Fun Style

The FILA Disruptor 2 is the fun wild card that takes the leggings and denim jacket look from “the usual” to “expect the unexpected.”

Simple Style

The outfit that looks good with a dressier shoe doesn’t have to remain so in your wardrobe. Abril of the-colorpalette.com pairs simple, refined look with the FILA Disruptor 2 for a simple, casual look that can go anywhere and everywhere.

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