Saucony Originals: Retro Runners

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How to describe Saucony Originals? Think retro running shoe, refreshed for today. Saucony Originals’ line celebrates their most iconic styles in new colorways for men and women. When modern footwear construction meets retro 70s looks, a Saucony sneaker is hard to resist.

Saucony has a running start:

“Saucony was determined to make a shoe that could change the way people run.” -  Saucony history

“Saucony was determined to make a shoe that could change the way people run.” - Saucony history

Saucony was founded as a small shoe manufacturer in 1898 by the Saucony Creek in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. By 1908 the thriving company was producing 800 pairs of leather shoes a day. However Saucony did not step into the athletic shoe game until the 50s. High-performance athletic footwear just didn’t exist in the first half of the 20th century, and running as a sport was starting to gain traction among serious athletes. In the 1950s Saucony was determined to make running footwear that made sense for those active in the burgeoning sport.  

In 1972, American runner Frank Shorter brought home the gold while at the Summer Olympics in Munich. After Shorter’s win, Americans took a bigger interest in becoming participants in the sport of running. Sauconys eventually became a runner’s best-kept secret. In 1977 Saucony shoes were awarded the title of “Best Quality” by Consumer Reports Magazine. The Saucony shoe secret was officially out.

The following decade was a busy time for Saucony as the company expanded their running shoe creations including the Jazz. Saucony took the lead in the running shoe game with a win on the feet of Rod Dixon who placed first at the 1983 New York City Marathon solidifying Saucony shoes as THE serious runner’s choice.

Sprint forward to 2019, while remaining true to their athletic heritage, Saucony Originals reintroduces some of their most iconic styles in renewed color combinations and refreshed materials. Saucony Originals has evolved into a bona fide running and fashion footwear brand worn by men and women who love a good retro sneaker.


The perfect combination of comfort and style in one sneaker. The best-selling Bullet and Jazz Lowpro feature the signature side wave.


Saucony Originals have a rich history and are designed with timeless appeal. Plus, every pair comes with a secondary pair of laces to play up the color.