The Who x Dr. Martens

The Who x Dr. Martens header with logos.jpg

The Who x Dr. Martens collection is officially here. Two icons collide to create an epic collection. Take a look at the limited The Who x Dr. Martens collection here.

The Who was one of the most influential rock bands to emerge from Great Britain. They left their mark on British Mod culture and the 60s and 70s rock music scene in their Docs. Dr. Martens first belonged to the masses but eventually found their way into the limelight in the 60s when The Who guitarist Pete Townshend wore his Docs on stage during his rowdy performances as a symbol of his working-class pride. He wind-milled, jumped, and shook the British music scene with the weightless sole of Dr. Martens in the 1960s. From there, the Docs were never the same.

Dr. Martens became an expression of rebellion and let’s face it, they looked good too. During following decades, other musicians followed suit and Dr. Martens suited the radical style of British punks in the 70s. Punk clashed wildly with everything the mainstream held dear and Dr. Martens became their shoe of choice. Dr. Martens shares an intertwined history with music, check out more of Dr. Martens’ story here.