DIY: Barefoot Sandals

by April Carpena in

Bare it all this summer with a pair of 'barefoot sandals'. Elastic cord, basic jewelry components and beads are all you need to compliment your Rainbow sandals


Rainbow Sandals

Step 1:

Begin by cutting a long piece of the elastic cord – at least 26 inches. String seed beads onto the jewelry cord until you have a length of about 3 inches strung with beads to make a toe-ring. Once the toe-ring is the desired length, thread both ends of the cord through an accent bead that will act as a bead-stopper to create your toe-ring loop. 

 Step 1

Step 1

 Step 1

Step 1

Step 2:

Add nine seed beads to each end of the jewelry cord, then string both ends through another accent bead, creating a second bead-stopper. Repeat three times and on the third time add a large accent bead. Repeat the process one more time and add the last small accent bead as the final bead-stopper. 

 Step 2

Step 2

 Step 2

Step 2

Step 3:

Each end of the cord will remain separate and should look like a ‘y’. Add seed beads and accent beads in a symmetrical pattern until both beaded ends are long enough to meet around your ankle. 

 Step 3

Step 3

 Step 4

Step 4


Once your barefoot sandal fits comfortably around your ankle (minus about an inch) while the toe-ring is looped around your second toe, you can close off both ends with crimp beads.

Closing Crimp Beads: Add a crimp bead and a jump ring to one end of the cord, then string the end of the cord back through the crimp bead to create a loop that holds the jump ring in place. Use flat nose pliers to tightly flatten the crimp bead in place and officially close off one end of your barefoot sandal. Add a crimp bead and a clasp to the other end of the cord, thread the end of the cord back through the crimp bead and flatten with your pliers. Cut any excess cord and your first barefoot sandal is complete!

Repeat steps 1 through 4 to make your second barefoot sandal. Put on your Rainbow sandals and hit the beach with your crafty new accessory.

DIY: Cat Mary Jane Shoes

by April Carpena in

Dr. Martens Carnaby Mary Jane style shoes are too tempting as a blank canvas. Let us show you how to DIY your Mary Jane shoes with cute kitty faces in just a few steps. Meow, meow.


Dr. Martens Carnaby Mary Jane shoes

Felt (pink, black and red sheets)

(4) plastic eye pieces, (2) plastic nose pieces

Craft glue (Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue)


Step 1: Glue plastic eyes to the white felt leaving extra space around each eye. Then cut a circle in the width you want. You will need to make four eyes total.

Step 2: Cut triangle shapes for ears. We used black as the background color and pink as the foreground color. You'll need four ears total.

Easy tip: Cut each corner from the felt sheet and you'll have four ears.

Step 3: Cut circle shapes from felt for cheeks. You'll need four cheeks total. 

Step 4: For a mouth, cut a felt circle in half. You'll need two mouths total.

Step 5: For whiskers cut about 1 inch long matchsticks from felt. You'll need eight whiskers total.


Step 6: 

Once all your pieces are cut and you've decided where you want each piece to lay, add dots of glue to mark each place. 

Step 7: It's best to add the eyes first and adjust the other pieces as needed. Add plenty of glue to each piece and begin attaching the eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, whiskers and ears. Once the glue is dry, your new cat-ified DIY Dr. Martens Carnaby Mary Jane shoes will be ready to wear! Cuteness maximum reached.

DIY: A Semi-Charmed Kind of Boot

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Looking for a way to personalize your favorite pair of Dr. Martens Shoreditch or Dr. Martens Hackney boots? This DIY is for you! It's time to raid the craft store and make your own charmed, chained, beaded and brad-ed creations to add just a little unique you-ness to your boots.

 Dr. Martens Shoreditch and Hackney boots

Dr. Martens Shoreditch and Hackney boots

For this DIY it would be helpful know a little bit about working with chain findings, beads and beading pliers. If you don’t, today is a good day to start learning! Search the web for jewelry-making basics for some quick and easy tutorials.


Dr. Martens Shoreditch or Hackney boot

Beads, charms and brads of your choice

Chain of your choice (at least 8 inches)

2 extra large lobster claw clasps

A variety of smaller lobster claw clasps

Other chain findings – we used head pins, loop pins, jump rings

Beading pliers (Flat nose pliers, round nose/needle nose pliers and cutting pliers)

Step 1:

Attach one of your extra large lobster clasps to the end of your chain with a jump ring.

Step 2:

Measure out the approximate length you want the chain to loop around the back ankle of your shoe. Use the cutting pliers to cut the chain and attach the second extra large lobster clasp to this end. When in doubt, it’s usually best to err on the side of extra length since you can always cut it back later.

Step 3:

Start designing! You might want lots of beads and brads and charms, or you might want just a select few. Use your needle nose or round nose pliers to create loops on your pins and jump rings to attach any two components. We veered toward simplicity for this example. Most of your time will be spent making a mess and playing with the possibilities. Once you have something good, you’ll know.

Step 5:

Attach your beads and charms to the main chain anywhere you want. Enjoy your finished project!

Minnetonka Moccasin Bead DIY

by Denitza Leon in

Fall is in full effect. Why not embrace the rich colors of the season? Turn your Minnetonka Kilty from traditional moccasin into a beaded pair with color. Here are few easy steps: 


Supplies Needed:

  1. Glass seed beads (multi-color pack)
  2. End of a paint brush of stick
  3. Scissors
  4. Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue
  5. Bead string
  6. A pair of Minnetonka Kiltys

Step 1: Unlace your moccasins.


Step 2: Cut a 6 inch length of string.


Step 3: Use a bead as a stopper. Tie the stopper bead twice at the end of the string. Begin adding the beads to the string.


Step 4: Add Aleene's Tacky Glue around the toe in a thin line.


Step 5: Use the end of the paint brush to spread the glue.


Step 6: Add your string of beads to the toe and press down. Make sure they are tightly pressed together. Then repeat steps 2 through 6.


Step 7: Cut off the leftover string.


Step 8: Let your project dry for about an hour.


Your Minnetonkas are complete. Now you're ready to take on fall with a bolder pair of moccasins. Lets us know how your beaded moccasins come out. Good luck!


Halloween Candy Corn Vans DIY

by Denitza Leon in

What's sweet and casual? A candy corn pair of your very own Vans. These candy corn Vans are a pair that even your sweet tooth will want a taste from this DIY. 


What you'll need to make this sweet treat:



  1. Vans Authentic Lo Pro White  
  2. Martha Stewart Pollen Paint
  3. Martha Stewart Carrot Paint
  4. Three paint brushes that range in size (flat heads recommended)
  5. Pencil
  6. Palette or paper plate

Step 1: Unlace white laces


 Step 2: With your pencil lightly make lines to where you want the paint to stop between the heel and the middle section of the Vans.

Step 3: Pour Martha Stewart Pollen Paint into the palette.



Step 4: Start painting the heel of the shoe with your flat head paint brush.

Step 5: Pour the Martha Stewart Carrot paint into your palette and get your larger flat head paint brush ready. 


Step 6: Start painting the middle section with the larger flat head paint brush. As you get closer to the eyelets use your smallest flat head paint brush. 

Now here is the grand treat! 


DIY Tribal Print Inspired

by Denitza Leon in

Before summer comes to a close and the weather begins to cool, have a little more fun in your sandals. Rainbows are our go-to sandals when it comes to comfort, but why not spruce them up? Since tribal prints have inspired our summer looks, we decided vivid colors and a tribal pattern would be a perfect DIY. It's as easy as tying your laces.


Supplies Needed

1. A pair of Rainbow sandals

2. Scissors

3. Bamboo Cord (available at any crafts store)


Step 1

Pick your first color. Wrap the cord at the end of the strap and tie your first knot. 


Step 2

Double knot the cord around the strap. Keeping the knot under the strap.  


Step 3

Cut the cord with your scissors, leaving about 5 inches. 


Step 4

Wrap the remaining 5 inches of cord around the sandal strap.  


Step 5

Grab your next cord. Tie the knot with the end of the first cord. Keep the knot under the sandal strap. Don't forget to double knot. Then begin wrapping the blue cord around the strap.


Step 6

Pick your next color. We went with orange. Tie the blue cord with the orange cord. Don't worry about the excess string right now, it will be cut when the pattern is complete.


Your pattern should begin to start forming after a few wraps around the sandal.


Step 7

Grab your next color. We went with white to break up the bright colors and enhance the tribal pattern. Begin to tie your knot at the end of the orange cord.  


Repeat steps 1 through 7 and continue making your pattern.


Step 8

Once you're done making the pattern, tie the end of the last string with your previous color. Ours was orange. Tie you last double knot underneath the strap. Make sure to secure all the knots.


Step 9

Grab your scissors and cut the excess string. 

Your tribal pattern is complete and summer isn't over just yet. Let the bright colors and tribal fun continue. Good luck RWF fashionistas!