How To Dazzle: W/ a DIY in Pearls + Giveaway


We are obsessing over this seasons color trend, with Keds Teal. So how about dazzling a pair with a polka dot of pearls. Here are a few easy steps to turn your Keds from playful to dazzling. 



The supplies you'll need to dazzle...

1. Paper Plate

2. EZ6000 Glue 

3. Tweezers (to hold the pearls, found at a local craft store)

4. Pearls  (Recollections Adhesive Faux Pearls, found at a local craft store)

5. A pair of Keds ( Champion Original Teal)

Step 1: You will need to unlace your Keds and tie them together so those laces won't runaway. 


Step 2: Pour a thin layer of EZ 6000 glue on your paper plate.


Step 3: With your tweezers pick up a pearl and dip it into your glue. 

Step 4: Set the pearl on the top of the toe to start your dazzle design.


Step 5: Use the flat back end of your tweezers to apply pressure to the pearl for about 10 seconds.  


Continue repeating Step 2 through 5 to achieve your dazzled design. Once completed you will be ready to add some dazzle to your style. 


Here is our before and after, let us know in the comments below how you would style them for a chance to win a pair dazzled and ready in women's size 7! Be sure to register with an email address where we can contact you. Good luck RWF fashionistas!