DIY Tribal Print Inspired

Before summer comes to a close and the weather begins to cool, have a little more fun in your sandals. Rainbows are our go-to sandals when it comes to comfort, but why not spruce them up? Since tribal prints have inspired our summer looks, we decided vivid colors and a tribal pattern would be a perfect DIY. It's as easy as tying your laces.


Supplies Needed

1. A pair of Rainbow sandals

2. Scissors

3. Bamboo Cord (available at any crafts store)


Step 1

Pick your first color. Wrap the cord at the end of the strap and tie your first knot. 


Step 2

Double knot the cord around the strap. Keeping the knot under the strap.  


Step 3

Cut the cord with your scissors, leaving about 5 inches. 


Step 4

Wrap the remaining 5 inches of cord around the sandal strap.  


Step 5

Grab your next cord. Tie the knot with the end of the first cord. Keep the knot under the sandal strap. Don't forget to double knot. Then begin wrapping the blue cord around the strap.


Step 6

Pick your next color. We went with orange. Tie the blue cord with the orange cord. Don't worry about the excess string right now, it will be cut when the pattern is complete.


Your pattern should begin to start forming after a few wraps around the sandal.


Step 7

Grab your next color. We went with white to break up the bright colors and enhance the tribal pattern. Begin to tie your knot at the end of the orange cord.  


Repeat steps 1 through 7 and continue making your pattern.


Step 8

Once you're done making the pattern, tie the end of the last string with your previous color. Ours was orange. Tie you last double knot underneath the strap. Make sure to secure all the knots.


Step 9

Grab your scissors and cut the excess string. 

Your tribal pattern is complete and summer isn't over just yet. Let the bright colors and tribal fun continue. Good luck RWF fashionistas!