DIY: Cat Mary Jane Shoes

Dr. Martens Carnaby Mary Jane style shoes are too tempting as a blank canvas. Let us show you how to DIY your Mary Jane shoes with cute kitty faces in just a few steps. Meow, meow.


Dr. Martens Carnaby Mary Jane shoes

Felt (pink, black and red sheets)

(4) plastic eye pieces, (2) plastic nose pieces

Craft glue (Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue)


Step 1: Glue plastic eyes to the white felt leaving extra space around each eye. Then cut a circle in the width you want. You will need to make four eyes total.

Step 2: Cut triangle shapes for ears. We used black as the background color and pink as the foreground color. You'll need four ears total.

Easy tip: Cut each corner from the felt sheet and you'll have four ears.

Step 3: Cut circle shapes from felt for cheeks. You'll need four cheeks total. 

Step 4: For a mouth, cut a felt circle in half. You'll need two mouths total.

Step 5: For whiskers cut about 1 inch long matchsticks from felt. You'll need eight whiskers total.


Step 6: 

Once all your pieces are cut and you've decided where you want each piece to lay, add dots of glue to mark each place. 

Step 7: It's best to add the eyes first and adjust the other pieces as needed. Add plenty of glue to each piece and begin attaching the eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, whiskers and ears. Once the glue is dry, your new cat-ified DIY Dr. Martens Carnaby Mary Jane shoes will be ready to wear! Cuteness maximum reached.