DIY: Ugly Sweater Boot Covers with Bearpaw

Dress to impress at the next ugly sweater party by decking out your Bear Paw boots with this crafty holiday DIY boot cover.


Bear Paw boots

Long sleeve sweater

Decorative things: pompoms, bells

Sewing thread and needle

Scissors, ruler, tape, superglue, thick thread for measuring

Step 1: Wrap the thick thread around the boot at the top, ankle and down the back seam from top to ankle. Cut a length of thread for each measurement.  You should have three lengths of thread.

Step 2: Tape the edges of each length of thread to your table and measure them. The women's Bear Paw Emma Short boot was 16'' around the top, 14'' around the ankle and 5.5'' along the back seam from the top to the ankle.

Step 3: For the no-sew technique, use the sleeve of a sweater you don't mind sacrificing. Lay one sleeve flat and mark the sleeve on each side with tape where the fabric measures about 8'' across (since the fabric is doubled it will measure 16'' around when opened). Next use the back seam thread to determine the length. Tape the thread perpendicular to the one of the place-markers like in the image on the left. Use your ruler to measure across the point at the bottom of the thread. Mark the fabric on each side so you have four place-markers to guide you when cutting.

Step 4: Give yourself at least an inch above and below the place-marks so you can tuck the fabric in later. Cut across the sleeve. Repeat steps 3 and 4 on the second sweater sleeve to make a second boot cover.

Step 5: Put the sleeves on your boots and tuck or cut the fabric as needed to get a better fit like in the image to the bottom right.

Now for the fun part, decorating the sleeve with full-on holiday cheer. This is your chance, don't hold back.

Step 6: Lend a jingle to your step by adding three bells to a piece of the thick thread and knot them together at least twice. Sew the bell cluster to the boot cover. Cut the excess thread once the bell cluster is securely sewed on. Every time you step, the jingle bells will make it impossible to forget what season it is.

Step 7: Before you start superglue-ing, add a piece of paper inside the sleeve to protect the sides from bonding together. Squeeze superglue onto pompoms and add them where you like. Let the glue dry and continue on the other side. Pair your newly DIY-ed Bear Paw boots with an ugly sweater and you're all set for the next holiday party!