In Their Shoes: Backstage at LA Fashion Week With Natalie Pena

Backstage at the Project Ethos LA Fashion Week

Natalie Pena is in her zone while she applies makeup on her first model.

UGG lover and makeup artist Natalie Pena specializes in ‘camera-ready’ looks for photo shoots, fashion shows and videos. She recently applied her makeup artistry talents to models walking the runway for Nicole Miller's spring fashion show for Project Ethos LA Fashion Week event. A special thanks to TNT Agency for giving us the opportunity to photograph Natalie in the controlled chaos of backstage prepping at the Avalon Hollywood. 

This makeup artist loves her UGGs.

For a full night of transforming models to runway-ready, Natalie wears broken-in black UGG boots. It’s a long evening of eyeliner, lipstick and contouring until the 11:30pm runway show. She says she buys a new pair of UGG boots every year and when she isn't wearing flats for work, she's wearing UGG boots for long hours on her feet especially for outdoor shoots. 

The makeup artists gather for a quick run-through of the show's look: black and gold eyeliner, dark lips and pin-straight hair.

At the Project Ethos fashion show, she was handed the challenge of doing last minute full face makeup for one of the performers in an impressive 15 minutes - normally she spends about an hour for full face. Natalie says, ‘I love doing makeup because I never know where I’m going, who is going to be there or what I’ll be doing’. A few months ago she was booked for YG's "Do It To Ya" video that turned out to be one of her favorite projects. She's booked for another YG video next month. She's also super excited to do makeup for an upcoming fashion shoot with photographer Marcus Hyde in Los Angeles. 

The pressure is on while Natalie re-applies black and gold eyeliner on her first model.

This MUA has her eyes on the prize but when Natalie sets her brushes aside, she likes to rock out at concerts with her husband or kick back with Netflix. She says everything she does is for her number one priority, her daughter Mila. Natalie's goal is to become one of the industry's top artists and she works toward that with every project she books. 

Natalie spends about 60 minutes on full face makeup and hair to get her model runway-ready.

Want to see more of this UGG lover's makeup artistry on video, fashion and wedding shoots? Check out her Instagram account @MakeUpByNatalie143 for more of her work including spooky special effects makeup for Halloween, fashion shoots and other exciting projects.

Natalie with rapper YG on the set of "Do It To Ya" where she did makeup for the video shoot.

One model down. Natalie preps her brushes for the next model.

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