In Their Shoes: Sin Color

Sin Color arrived at Los Globos in Echo Park around 8pm to set up for their performance. Lead singer and Dr. Martens lover Crisia wore her Dr. Martens Mary Jane shoes to perform that night. Guitarist David, drummer Alfredo and keyboardist Justin bring equipment to the second floor stage to set up. Sin Color translates to "without color" in Spanish although their music has a kaleidoscope of influences. Crisia says they decided on Sin Color so that they "wouldn't be attached to anything, to a particular color or mood." Composer and guitarist David describes their music as "nostalgic, intimate, electric, emotional, Latin and influenced by the 80s and 90s." 

Los Globos in Echo Park, California

From left to right: David, Crisia, Alfredo and Justin.

Sin Color has been writing and performing their own material at live venues in the LA area since 2014. The band started with just David and Crisia in January 2014 when they began meeting to share song ideas. David is passionate about going to shows all around LA and Crisia has been singing and performing since she was 12. After working with different musicians on drums and keyboards, David met Alfredo and Justin and Sin Color was formed. Crisia describes her vision for the band, "I want our music to be our passport to travel everywhere so we can share our music and emotions and everything with our audience." 

David mainly composes music and Crisia pairs her personal lyrics often taken from her journals written in both Spanish and English. Crisia says, "Before the band started I had never written my own material. Love inspires me the most. Ever since I started writing in Spanish everything sounded more poetic and intense and parts of my journal became our lyrics." 

They are currently working on an album set for release in spring 2016. Curious about Sin Color's music? Visit their SoundCloud and you can follow Sin Color on Facebook and Instagram for news and upcoming shows, including their show at El Cid on 9/11!