In Their Shoes: Joshua Vides with Clarks

Joshua Vides at the CLSC store in Los Angeles.

Clarks fan Joshua Vides says he's always been interested in fashion and self-expression. Vides describes his transformation as going from Dickies and white t-shirts in his early high school years to being voted 'Best Dressed' by senior year. And now he runs his own label. In 2010 Josh founded CLSC (kla-sik) as a showcase for his interests in "sex, drugs, sports, and music."  Also he has a thing for burgers, especially In-N-Out where we met with him for this Q&A. The independent line started with a few t-shirts with unique taglines. Since then CLSC has expanded to include hoodies, pants, headwear and accessories. The first CLSC store opened this year in Los Angeles with pop-up shops on different continents. From Taiwan to Paris and back home to Los Angeles, Joshua is going places in his Clarks

RW: Why did you start CLSC?

Joshua Vides: I enjoy standing out as opposed to blending in. People that are into fashion are into it because they don't want to wear Dickies and a white t-shirt every day. Clothes represent who you are as a person. As a person I'm changing all the time, mentally, physically, and my style is changing all the time. I was always curious how do you figure out what the next trend is? I thought I could take a crack at this.

RW: Why the name 'CLSC' for your brand?

Joshua Vides: It had the best flow for me. We initially had other names but a lot were taken so when we came up with CLSC, it felt right.

RW: What was your first CLSC piece?

Joshua Vides: It was a t-shirt that said 'Perfect Your Craft' in a woodgrain. 

RW: How often are new CLSC collections released?

Joshua Vides: We have spring, summer, fall and holiday collections, but we also have store exclusives, web exclusives and collaborations. We try to drop something new every month. 

RW: What inspires you when you're working on pieces for the brand?

Joshua Vides: My family, people that are doing better than me. I watch a lot of movies. I just go on Netflix and just pick something I've never seen before. Whether the guy is wearing a cool jacket or I get a feeling of something I take that and relate it to the product. 

RW: How much do you love In-N-Out?

Joshua Vides: I probably eat In-N-Out once a week. I had a friend who used to work there and he would call me up to try new things that weren't on the menu. 

In-N-Out, Los Angeles

RW: Favorite CLSC piece?

Joshua Vides: Our Whiskey Windbreaker. It's a waterproof piece, really lightweight. We found this fabric in Europe that Nike used five years ago and it's a really amazing.

RW: Why do you wear Clarks?

Joshua Vides: I've always liked them. I had a pair of Clarks that I had to leave behind in Asia because I was wearing them during the rainy season and I had to get new clothes and shoes for the downpour. I always wanted another pair.

RW: What's in the future for CLSC Life?

Joshua Vides: I was invited to open a pop-up shop in Paris so I'll be there in a couple weeks. We're working on a collaboration between CLSC and Stance so that's coming up really soon. 

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