Q & A with Miguel Mesina



Miguel Mesina, an employee at store #26 in San Diego, CA shows us how to keep our ‘sock game on point’. He finds inspiration in ‘90s style and likes to keep his look innovative. Read about how he makes his creative sock style come together in his everyday wear.

Q: If you could only shop at one clothing store for a year, what store would you choose? 

MM: If I could shop at one store for a whole year, it'll have to be H&M. They have a great mixture of clothing from dressy attire to casual wear. If you are looking for the grown man look or that chill laid back look, they have those looks all year long. 

Q: Strangest piece in your closet? 

MM:  Strangest piece of clothing in my closet would probably be my onesie I received on my 18th birthday which I never got rid of.


Q: Whose closet would you like to raid? 

MM:  If I were to raid a closet, I would probably like to raid my brother’s closet. So I can get all the clothes he borrows whenever I'm not home.

Q: Favorite decade of fashion and why? 

MM: Favorite decade of fashion would probably be the early ‘90s. The style and swagger back then is still seen in fashion nowadays and inspires peoples’ taste today.

Q: When you're bored with your wardrobe how do you reinvent your look? 

MM:  I hardly ever get bored with my wardrobe. I like to be real innovative with how I look. From top to bottom, I always like to keep things interesting. I never really have a set outfit I wear. I kind of just throw things on and hope it works out.

Q: Style item you'll never part from? 

MM: Style item I would never part from are my socks. I always have to keep my sock game on point. 


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