Q & A with Marianella Meza

Former Cali girl, Marianella Meza shows off her creative nail designs and red Chucks at RWF #36 in the Tucson Mall in Tucson, Arizona. With this nail craze going on, we can't help but want to know where she finds her inspiration and latest trend picks.


Q: Where do you find your inspiration in personal style from?  

MM: I personally find my style in comfort and in the latest fashion. I create my own acrylic nail designs and find inspiration within my clothing picks according to the patterns I create. I am a California native and lean more towards the laid-back yet edgy fashion.

Q: It's date night. What's your go-to outfit? 

MM: On summer date nights I lean more towards flowy pattern dresses and Sperrys, along with statement accessories and neutral makeup to look fresh in the Arizona heat.

Q:  Desert island scenario. You're stranded. Assume you have basic necessities like food, water and shelter. Name the top three things you can't live without:

MM: I am very high-maintenance when it comes down to products, if I had to pick three, I would go with some kind of "shoe". I would probably create (I can't handle being barefoot). I would definitely use my arts and crafts talent to make a cute dry palm bikini or outfit. 

Q: How would you describe your style?

MM: I prefer pattern layered looks that are comfortable. My shoes are the biggest statement of my favorite outfits! 

Q:  Favorite place to shop for clothes and accessories to go with your RWF shoes?

MM: Do I have to choose?! I shop everywhere! Although, I find some of the cutest clothes at stores like Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal…and Forever 21 has amazing accessories. 

Q:  What trend do you wish would disappear forever?

MM: Fedoras! Yuck! Well at least I wouldn't be able to rock a "hat" like that.

Q: Must-have style item for summer?

MM: I really enjoy wearing an assortment of summer dresses in colorful patterns with my favorite jean jacket.


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