Q & A with Nicole Delgado


Avoiding blending in with trends, Nicole Delgado from RWF in Lakewood, California gives us her slant on ‘different’. Vibrant hair, her favorite Dr. Martens and a smile, but no mustaches please! See what makes Nicole’s style her own.

Q: Where do you find inspiration in personal style from? 

ND: I don't go looking for inspiration in my style choices, but I don't like to blend in with everyone else. 

Q: It's date night. What's your go to outfit?

ND: I would probably wear a dress with some Docs. If it's more casual maybe some jeans, nice top, denim jacket and Docs. Always Docs. 

Q:  Desert island scenario. You're stranded. Assume you have basic necessities like food, water and shelter. Name the top three things you can't live without:

ND: Makeup, hair dye and cellphone.  


Q: How would you describe your style?

ND: One word...Different. 

Q:  Favorite place to shop for clothes and accessories to go with your RWF shoes?

ND: I pretty much shop everywhere but a store I can always depend on is Urban Outfitters.

Q:  What trend do you wish would disappear forever?

ND: The "Mustache" trend. There is no reason for girls to be wearing mustaches. 

Q: Must-have style item for summer?

ND: Sandals