Q & A with Judith Campos


With an appreciation for the classics and a love for edge, Shoeteria employee Judith Campos from Ontario, CA has a way of creating style mixes that are fresh and all her own. Read about what inspires her TUK & Docs OOTDs. 

Q: How many pairs of shoes do you own? Which pair is your favorite?

JC: I honestly don't even know how many I have. Too many! My favorite pair are probably my classic Dr. Martens because they're super comfortable and cute!

Q: What are the three most worn items in your closet?

JC: My favorite cardigan, leggings because I like being comfortable and my canvas Dr. Martens because they go with everything.

Q: What style icon's closet do you wish you had? Tell us why. 

JC: I wish I had Lady Gaga's closet because she's not afraid to make a statement with what she wears. She is unique and her wardrobe is always full of color. Her music is great too!

Q: How has your style evolved over the last couple of years? 

JC: My style has definitely evolved over the years. I have learned how to dress better and figured out what works for me. What hasn't changed is that I love I like to be edgy and creative with what I wear. I mix in different styles to make it my own.

Q: What is the most treasured item in your closet right now? 

JC: My most treasured item in my closet would have to be my classic Dr. Martens. They complete any outfit and makes it look chic and put together.

Q: Any secret talents or hobbies?

JC: Nope, no talents. My hobbies include traveling with family and dying my hair different colors [laughs]. I like to express myself with makeup and hair.

Q: What is the most outrageous thing you've ever worn?

JC: A leotard and my velvet TUK's to a Lady Gaga concert. The perfect time to be totally outrageous.

Q: Describe yourself in three words.

JC: Weird, unique and bold.

Q: What is the most expensive style item you splurged on? Was it worth it?

JC: The most expensive style item I ever bought was my precious Calvin Klein purse. I guard that thing with my life and yes, it was worth every penny.


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