Q & A With Joshua Quintana

The New Mexico heat has nothing on store manager Joshua Quintana's Timberland boots. Read on as he shares how he keeps his style fresh with bold colors and patterns.

Q: If you could only shop at one clothing store for a year, what store would you choose?

JQ: Supreme!

Q: Strangest piece in your closet?

JQ: Purple corduroy Levi's.

Q: Whose closet would you like to raid?

JQ: Tyler, The Creator. Crazy dude but dope clothes!

Q: Favorite decade of fashion and why?

JQ: 90s hands down. Clothing was very funky. The style was concentrated on being expressive, with lots of denim, crazy patterns, and loud colors. Just a very fresh, and funky era.

Q: When you're bored with your wardrobe how do you reinvent your look?

JQ: Instead of "matching" I just try to have fun complimenting colors rather then coordinating them.

Q: Style item you'll never part from?

JQ: Chino pants and button ups.