Q & A with Andrea Castillo

Andrea Castillo, manager at RWF at the Shops at Montebello in California, shares her take on feminine glamour, concerts, color, lipstick and dresses.

Q: If you could only shop at one clothing store for a year, what store would you choose?

AC: There's this adorable store called Franchesca's. It's a very small, whimsical and trendy boutique. I never fail in finding what I need when I shop here. I would be crushed if this store ever closed.

Q: Strangest piece in your closet?

AC: I don't know if its strange, but I have tons of different style nylons. Anything from polka dots to zigzags, shimmery nylons to almost every color you can think of. They just give an outfit that extra pop when you need it.

Q: Whose closet would you like to raid?

AC: Zooey Deschanel!!! Her outfits are always so fun, flirty, full of color and classy. My bangs are in training to be as great as hers. 

Q: Favorite decade of fashion and why?

AC: I love the 50s, I mean who doesn't!? The women were always so flawless and polished. I love how they accentuated their hourglass figures, such style icons!

Q: When you're bored with your wardrobe how do you reinvent your look?

AC: I love layering pieces together! It gives me a chance to have fun with my outfits and try new looks without having to break the bank. I'm also such a concert goer, so getting to see different styles that people have give me different ideas to use with my outfits.

Q: Style item you'll never part from?

AC: I need my dresses and lipstick! Dresses are the best to layer and easy to dress up for a night out or wear casually for the day. You can never go wrong with a pop of color on your lips to complete your look.