Q & A with Maricella Jimenez

Maricella Jimenez, manager at Shoeteria in Torrance, California is a fashion chameleon. Her vibrant spectrum of style is inspired by past eras and thinking outside the box. Read on for more about Maricella's colorful view on fashion.

Q: Strangest piece in your closet?

MJ: Hmmmm, I wouldn’t call it a strange piece but I did save my uniform from the very first job I had at 16. I worked at a restaurant and the owner was obsessed with parrots…so you can only imagine what our shirts looked like…


Q: Favorite decade of fashion and why?

MJ: Hands down the 50s era. The men and women of this era always looked classy. I also love that this era was very modest with fashion and believed in keeping things left to the imagination. Less meant more and I am a firm believer of this motto too.


Q: When you’re bored with your wardrobe how do you reinvent your look?

MJ: I’m usually dressed from a different era on a weekly basis so I’m never really bored with my style. If anything I might get bored with the pieces I have on hand and when this is the case I do what every other woman does and I go shopping =)  



Q: Style item you’ll never part from?

MJ: My red lipstick =)



Q: If you could only shop at one clothing store for a year, what store would you choose?

MJ: If I was only given one store I could shop at for one year, it would most definitely be a thrift store . . . my style consists of many eras so what better place to pick up items that are hard to find than a thrift store? And why buy replica pieces when I can usually find the real thing with just a little patience =)



Q: Whose closet would you like to raid?

MJ: I would be in heaven if given the opportunity to raid Lala Anthony’s or Amber Rose’s closet. Both women are fearless and confident when it comes to the way they express themselves through fashion. These ladies look outside of the box and stay true to themselves no matter how many times society tells us what the new trend may be.


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