Q & A with RW Superstar Avante Tang

RW Superstar Avante Tang has paired two of SS15’s hottest trends, adidas “shell toe” and florals. The Del Amo Fashion Center, CA manager is combining wearable styles while making a statement with the power of flower. 


Q: What does being a superstar mean to you?

AT: Just being yourself. Walking down the street and falling flat on your face. Goofy and different. 

Q: How do you like to lace your shell toes?

AT: Halfway up and laced with a tie.

Q: What's your go to outfit when rocking the adidas Superstar?

AT: Joggers and a printed short sleeve button-up.

Q: First three words that come to mind when you think of the adidas Superstar? 

AT: Shell toes, classics and kindergarten.

Q: Why does kindergarten come to mind?

AT: I had my first pair of Superstars when I was in kindergarten.

Q: What is your earliest memory of seeing the adidas Superstar for the first time?

AT: The earliest memory that I have seeing the adidas Superstar would have to be in the Run DMC music video.

Q: What set the adidas Superstar apart from the rest of the classic shoes out there?

AT: Probably everyone has owned one pair in their lifetime. They go with everything, especially the classic with tons of different colored stripes. A color to match every outfit. 

Denitza Leon2 Comments