Q & A with Aubari Goines

RW manager Aubari Goines from North Carolina is not letting the humidity stop her "Tomboy Chic" style. She shows us how she keeps it cool in her Vivid Viola Puma Suedes. See how this southern gal is killing it.


Q: What are the three most worn items in your closet?

AG: I am constantly wearing my white t-shirts, my fave pair of distressed jeans, and my denim jacket from Hollister.  

Q: What’s the last piece of clothing you purchased?

AG: I recently just purchased a turquoise tank dress only because it was $8. Even though I can be some what tomboyish, you can often catch me on my days off in a dress trying to stay cool in this southern humidity during the summer.

Q: What style icon's closet do wish you had? Tell us why.

AG: I get inspired by so many people so I don't have that once person that is my style icon. I usually love behind the scenes stylists and bloggers. Nini Nguyen is one of my favorite stylists. Not only has she styled one huge fashion style icon Rihanna, but she has her own amazing style. However I would like to take pieces from a bunch of different closets to create my dream wardrobe.

Q: How many pairs of shoes do you own? Which pair is your favorite?

AG: I would say I own about 40 pairs of shoes. I am so obsessed with shoes it is hard to say which pair is my favorite. I am in love with my Colombia 11s but I never wear them since they're white. I would hate to get any dirt on them. But they are always a good pair to look at while I'm in my closet.

Q: How has your style evolved over the last couple of years?

AG: My style has definitely come along way. I used to be really into fads and what everyone else was wearing. Now I'm much more into having my own personal style. I am a small petite girl so I can't always wear whatever everyone else is wearing. However I like to break the "short girl" rules sometimes and take a lot of chances.  Simplicity is key. Effortless style is what attracts me the most. "Tomboy Chic" is how I would describe my style. My style still continues to evolve but I feel like I'm going in the right direction.

Q: What is the most treasured item in your closet?

AG: A few years ago my mom gave me this gold and black evening gown that she wore one night out on the town in the 80s. And it is super 80s!  She told me I could have it and its been in my closet ever since. I can not seem to part ways with it. Maybe I will figure out how to make it into my own one day.

Q: Any secret talents or hobbies?

AG: A lot of people don't know that I can sing. I hate singing in front of people. However when I'm by myself (especially in the car) its a full blown concert. But don't ever ask me to sing... I won't.

Q: What is the most outrageous thing you’ve ever worn?

AG: Back in my high school days I was obsessed with Kimora Lee Simmons and Baby Phat. I had this outfit that I loved so much and it was literally head to toe Baby Phat. Shirt, jeans, shoes, and even the hat and it was plastered in that famous Baby Phat cat symbol.  I still ask myself why? Smh.

Q: What is the most expensive style item you splurged on? Was it worth it?

AG: Even though it doesn't seem that bad to me now, a few years ago I walked into a  shoe store and fell in love with these over the knee black leather boots. I had to have them. Bought them instantly for $200. I have a small foot and can wear kids sizes in my sneakers which doesn't make them that expensive, so buying those boots was huge for me. I still have them and once it gets cold they are a staple in my wardrobe all season long.

Q: Describe yourself in three words.

AG: Free-spirited (if we count that as one word), random, and outgoing. Outgoing can be so cliché sometimes but I am usually always down to try something at least once.

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