Q & A with Deanwil Manligues

Discovering unknown trails, RW manager Deanwil Manligues, shares his hiking adventures and some of his favorite hidden gems in Las Vegas, Nevada. Continue reading to hear about his exhilarating experiences and the must-have essentials in his Parkland backpack. 

Q: How do you uncover new cities?

DM: On hikes we talk to other hikers and listen to the their stories of previous hikes and hidden gems they've found on them. Like waterfalls, streams, the best spot to see the city and strange rock formations.

Q: What place do you plan to discover?

DM: This year I plan on hitting five different states that are pretty close to Las Vegas. The first state I'll be going to is California to do the Big Horn Mine trail.

Q: What essential items do you carry in your Parkland backpack while exploring?

DM: Jacket, fist aid kit, two waters, Cliff Bar, camera with tripod stand (no selfie sticks), and if it's a longer hike I'll usually pack two turkey sandwiches. 

Q: What is one place you would recommend to someone to discover?

DM: What I tell tourists that plan on going to Red Canyon is that they have about 20 marked trails on their map. We found 30 more. We always suggest to go off trail, if you have a good sense of direction of course. If you go off trail you're almost guaranteed to find something to leave you in awe.

Q: Any secret talents or hobbies?

DM: I guess reading. Most people know I stay active with basketball, hiking and going to the gym. I don't really tell people that I like to pick up a book and read for hours. Currently on "Tuesdays with Morrie".

Q: Describe yourself in three words.

DM: Athletic, adventurous and laid-back.